History of Winners

2019 Drama

Gena Yvonne Sims (Pittsburgh Chapter)

2018 Woodwinds

First Place – Hae Jee (Ashley) Cho (New Jersey Chapter)

Giorgio Consolati (Greater New York Chapter)
Ryan Roberts (Greater Arizona Chapter)

Second Place – Alison Fierst (Pittsburgh Chapter)

Third Place – Li-Jie Yu (Bloomington Chapter)

2017 Classical Ballet

First Place – Gillian Fitz (Greater New York Chapter)

Second Place – Juliet Doherty (Greater Arizona Chapter)

Third Place – Sophie Miklosovic (Florida East Coast Chapter)

2016 Musical Theater

First Place – John Clay III (Pittsburgh Chapter)

Second Place – Jeffrey Kringer (Greater New York Chapter, formerly Chautauqua)

Third Place – Cameron Mullin (Bloomington Chapter)

2015 Drama

First Place – Jonathan Michael Majors (Chautauqua Chapter)

Second Place – Lara Anderson Dohner (Saint Louis Chapter)

Third Place – Mitchell Moyeahe Edwards (Pittsburgh Chapter)

2014 Woodwinds

First Place – Julia Marie DeRosa (Chautauqua Chapter)

Second Place – Anna Maria Brumbaugh (Florida East Coast Chapter)

Third Place – Rebecca Swain Chapman (El Paso Chapter)

2013 Printmaking

First Place – Douglas Bosley (Central Illinois Chapter)

Second Place – Kasey Ramirez (New Jersey Chapter)

Third Place – Mensa Kondo (Washington DC Chapter)

2012 Musical Theater

First Place – Allan Kameron Washington (Virginia/North Carolina Chapter)

Second Place – Charnette Batey (Bloomington Chapter)

Third Place – Jim Davidson Goza (Little Rock Chapter)

2011 Dance, Choreography

First Place – Tyner Dumortier (New Jersey Chapter)

Second Place – Derek Crescenti (Mid-Michigan Chapter)

Third Place – Laura Neese (Chautauqua Chapter)

2010 Literature, Short Story

First Place – Mehdi Okasi (Bloomginton Chapter)

Second Place – Jamey Bradbury (New Jersey Chapter)

Third Place – David Poissant, Ph.D. (Ohio River Valley Chapter)

2009 Drama

First Place – Jack Holloway (Clearwater/Tampa Bay Chapter): Drama Chair of the Marcia P. Hoffman Performing Arts Institute in Clearwater and Artistic Director and co-founder of Hat Trick Theatre Productions based at the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa.

Second Place – Jose Luaces (South Florida/Boca Raton Chapter)

Third Place – Mckean Rand Scheu (Mid-Michigan Chapter): roles include guest starring on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.

2008 Music, Voice

First Place – Sarah Mesko, mezzo-soprano (Little Rock Chapter): Grand Prize Winner of the Young Texas Artists’ Competition (2010).

Second Place – Nadine Sierra, soprano (South Florida/Boca Raton Chapter):  winner of the 2009 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and 2011 The Leonore Annenberg Award Fellowship in the Performing Arts.

Third Place – Sian Davies, lyric soprano (Bloomington Chapter)

2007 Art, Water Media

First Place – Jennifer Davis (Washington DC Chapter)

Second Place – Mark Bush (Ohio River Valley Chapter): one of his portraits was accepted in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Third Place – Will Anderson (Kansas City Chapter)

2006 Dance, Classical Ballet

First Place – Krista Ettlinger (South Florida/Boca Raton Chapter): member of the Dutch National Ballet; previously danced with the Boston Ballet.

Second Place – John Mark Giragosian (Washington, DC Chapter): joined The Joffrey Ballet in August 2007 as an apprentice and was promoted to full company member in January 2008.

Third Place – Nicole (Niki) Maple (Greater Arizona Chapter): dancer, instructor, and choreographer with the Alaska Dance Theatre Company.

2005 Drama, Comedy

First Place – Robbie Sublett (New Jersey Chapter): Hollywood actor, recent film I Don’t Know How She Does It with Sarah Jesssica Parker, Pierce Brosnan, and Kelsey Grammer; director of Super Twins.

Second Place – Daniel Robert Sullivan (Kansas City): numerous roles, including Tommy DeVito in long-running Toronto production of Jersey Boys.  Wrote a backstage memoir called Places, Please! (Becoming A Jersey Boy) which was published in 2012.

2004 Musical Theater

First Place – Megan Hilty (Pittsburgh Chapter): She began her career in the principal role as Glinda in the Broadway production of Wicked.   She was then cast as Doralee Rhodes in Nine to Five: The Musical.  She earned rave reviews for her performance as Loralei Lee in the  New York  City Center’s Encores! production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  She was cast in the role as Ivy in NBC series Smash.  March 2013 marked the release of her first solo album, It Happens All the Time.  Later that year, Megan joined the cast of Sean Saves the World, a sitcom starring Sean Hayes.  Megan performed on the 67th Annual Tony Awards, and her recording of the audio book of Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger was released in June 2013.

Second Place – Randall Adkison (North Florida)

Third Place – Becca McCoy (Clearwater/Tampa Bay Chapter)

2003 Literature, Poetry

First Place – Susanna Childress, Ph.D. (San Antonio Chapter)

Second Place – Misty Harper (Bloomington Chapter)

Third Place – Carrie Preston, Ph.D. (Mid-Michigan Chapter): Associate Professor of English, Boston University

2002 Music, Piano

First Place – Andrea Baiocci (Bloomington Chapter)

Second Place – Matthew Loudermilk, Ph.D. (Ohio River Valley): won first prize in the 2008 Young Texas Artist Competition.

Third Place – Kevin Chance, Ph.D. (Birmingham Chapter)

2001 Art, Small Sculpture

First Place – Gary Mark (El Paso Chapter)

Second Place – Renee Laferriere (Kansas City)

Third Place – Naomi Falk (Pittsburgh Chapter)

2000 Dance, Ballet

First Place – April Ann Taylor

Second Place – Katie A. Pivarnik (New Jersey Chapter)

Third Place – Renee Meiffren (Greater Arizona Chapter)

Fourth Place – Kelly Ann Sloan (Bloomington Chapter)

Fifth Place – Megan Christine Knickerbocker

Sixth Place – Suzanne Rebecca Haag

Seventh Place – Joie Jennings Meffert (Washington DC Chapter)

1999 Drama

First Place – Drew S. Battles (Central Illinois Chapter)

Second Place – Michael Aaron Lindner (Saint Louis Chapter)

Third Place – Amanda Louise Rafuse (Kansas City Chapter)

Fourth Place – Javon Timothy Johnson (Pittsburgh Chapter)

Fifth Place – Carolyn Judith Klein (Bloomington Chapter)

1998 Literature

First Place – Laura Kopchick (Mid-Michigan Chapter)

Second Place – Charles L. Radke (Boca Raton, now Florida East Coast Chapter)

Third Place – Elissa Minor-Rust (Arizona Valley of the Sun, now Greater Arizona Chapter)

Fourth Place – Anne Barthel (Saint Louis Chapter)