Naomi Rabb Winston Art Scholarship Recipients

2016 Recipients

Alena Titova, 18, Washington DC Chapter. $2,000 for summer intensive studies in “Drawing the Figure” at Parsons School of Design in New York City.
Alexander Wrencher, 21, Central Illinois Chapter. $1,500 for a summer studio program in printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University.
Morgan Gruer, 21, New Jersey Chapter. $1,250 for artist residencies at Skopelos Art Foundation in Skopelos, Greece, and Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy.
Sienna Broglie, 17, Washington DC Chapter. $1,200 for studies at Yale summer school of art and music.
Betsy Marsch, 22, Pittsburgh Chapter. $1,050 for a summer program at New York Academy of Art to further develop her work in figurative art and portraiture.
Esther Sitver, 18, Saint Louis Chapter. $1,000 for a summer precollege program with a focus on illustration.
Ana Remis, 20, Clearwater/Tampa Bay Chapter. $1,000 for study at Genspace in New York City to paint with bacteria cultures as part of her interest in science and technology.
Mikayla Wenzel, 18, Bloomington Chapter. $1,000 for studies in game art and character modeling at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

2016 Judges

Judges for the national art scholarship this year were Mary Rose Holmes, Violetta Shtymeyzen-Chandler and Helen Tilston. The three distinguished artists and friends founded The Plein Aire Cottage Artists 16 years ago with a mission to preserve the history of Florida through their art – paintings that include its unique and disappearing coastal cottages, its tropical landscapes and beautiful white sand beaches.

Mary Rose Holmes is a fifth generation Floridian and third generation Florida artist.

Violetta Shtymeyzen-Chandler was born near Odessa, Ukraine, and moved to Sarasota, FL in 1995 and taught painting at the renowned Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota.

Helen Tilston was born in Kinvara, Ireland, and educated in Dublin.

Among their many honors as The Plein Aire Cottage Artists, are awards from the Florida Trusts for Historic Preservation and a lifetime invitation to show their work at the famed Biennale in Florence, Italy. Their works are featured in national and international private and corporate collections.

2015 Recipients

Catherine Chen, Florida East Coast Chapter, $2,000
Hannah Smith, Ohio River Valley Chapter, $1,500
Gregory LaPierre, Chautauqua Chapter, $1,250
Mensa Kondo, Washington DC Chapter, $1,200
Elmi Ventura Mata, Ohio River Valley Chapter, $1,000
Jenna Tooley, Clearwater/Tampa Bay Chapter, $1,000
Emma Harford, St. Louis Chapter, $750
Valerie Hernandez, Clearwater/Tampa Bay Chapter, $600
Jennifer Copeland, New Jersey Chapter, $500

2014 Recipients

Megan Ward, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter, $2,000
Lucas Cuatrecasas, New Jersey Chapter, $1,500
Isaac Smith, Ohio River Valley Chapter, $1,000
Sophia Reed, St. Louis Chapter, $1,000
Erica Young, Central Illinois Chapter, $1,000
Lily Montgomery, Birmingham Chapter, $1,000
Alyza Perez, Florida East Coast Chapter, $1,000
Patrick Donnelly, Chautauqua Chapter, $1,000
Ryan Johnson, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter, $500

2013 Recipients

Maria Camia, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter
Valentina Cereseto, Florida East Coast Chapter
Arthur Haywood, Pittsburgh Chapter
Sophia Kayafas, Ohio River Valley Chapter
Mary Jane King, Ohio River Valley Chapter
Samantha Lazarus, Florida East Coast Chapter
Marisa Lu, Washington DC Chapter
Jordan Pemberton, Washington DC Chapter

2012 Recipients

Sierra Bagish, New Jersey Chapter
Carolyn Becker, Washington DC Chapter
Ryan J. Compton, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter
Sarah Dansberger, Washington DC Chapter
Katherine Ellis Fitzgerrell, Greater Arizona Chapter
Morgan Kulesza, Washington DC Chapter
Isabella Tuscany Pezzulo, Florida East Coast Chapter
Ruth LizBeth Poor, Bloomington Chapter
Colleen Celeste Quint, Birmingham Chapter
McKinley Wallace III, Florida East Coast Chapter
Skye Kathryn Young, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter

2011 Recipients

Anica Zosha Buckson, Chautauqua Chapter
Nicholas D. Christensen, Kentucky Chapter
Ryan J. Compton, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter
Anna Goldstein, New Jersey Chapter
Aaron James Kuhn, Washington DC Chapter
Noel Olivia Peterson, Pittsburgh Chapter
Alexandra Savramis, Washington DC Chapter

2010 Recipients

Inga Loyev, Clearwater/Tampa Bay Chapter
Devin C. Mawdsley, Bloomington Chapter
Noel O. Peterson, Pittsburgh Chapter
Stanley R. Rayfield, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter
Devon Spierling-Linton, Ohio River Valley Chapter
Emma J. Shoots, North Florida Chapter

2009 Recipients

Emily C. Burns, Pittsburgh Chapter
Andrea E. Cofield, Bloomington Chapter
Emily K. Davidson, Ohio River Valley Chapter
Magdalena A. Nilges, Central Illinois Chapter
Stephanie E. Roh, New Jersey Chapter
Abigail R. Wilson, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter
Ye Qin Zhu, New Jersey Chapter

2008 Recipients

Dilek Baykara, New Jersey Chapter
Cara Christine Livorio, Pittsburgh Chapter
Stanley Ralph Rayfield, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter
Rachel Jeanne Singel, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter
Amanda Loise Voltz, Central Illinois Chapter

2007 Recipients

Kelsey Nicole Berkley, North Florida Chapter
Alexander Aaron Jacobs, New Jersey Chapter
Cara Christine Livorio, Pittsburgh Chapter
Elaine Sanghea Oh, New Jersey Chapter
Amy Elizabeth Thompson, Ohio River Valley Chapter
Shan Wang, North Florida Chapter

2006 Recipients

Antonio Andrade, Greater Arizona Chapter
Honour S. A. Booth, Hawaii Chapter
Elizabeth Tremain Farrar, Kentucky Chapter
Katherine Jean Holoka, Mid-Michigan Chapter
Kobey Reimiko Matsushige, Hawaii Chapter
Angela Joy Prajzner, Mid-Michigan
Kenneth Alan Sprinkle, Bloomington Chapter

2005 Recipients

Elaine Ann Crowder, Kentucky Chapter
Katherine Jean Holoka, Mid-Michigan Chapter
Lauren Ann Smith, Ohio River Valley Chapter