Performing Arts Competitions

2018 National Woodwinds Competition in
Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute and Oboe


The National Society of Arts and Letters invites musicians to participate in the 2018 National Competition in Woodwinds – Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute and Oboe. The first place winner will receive $12,000. Cash prizes also are given to second, third and fourth place winners. The National Competition will take place during the NSAL Annual Meeting – May 21-27 in Chautauqua, NY.

Contestants must first compete at the chapter level. Interested musicians should submit completed applications to the chapter that is geographically near his or her home or school. To find a chapter, click on Chapter Contacts below.. Each chapter pays the travel, hotel and conference registration expenses for its chapter finalist to compete in the National Competition.

2018 Woodwinds Competition Rules and Performance Requirements

2018 Woodwinds Application

Repertoire for 2018 Woodwinds Competition

Chapter Responsibilities for 2018 Woodwinds Competition

Chapter Contacts for Woodwinds Competition


Schedule of Upcoming Competitions

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The National Competition will be in Chautauqua, New York.

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