Start a chapter

It’s easy!
It’s exciting!
It’s a worthy, fulfilling undertaking!

Bring together at least fifteen like-minded, talented arts enthusiasts who believe in the goals and mission of NSAL.  Select an organizing chairman who will contact the Second Vice President to submit the following information:

  • Proposed name for your chapter.  The name can no longer be a whole state like Indiana or Kentucky. We now require a city or area designation like Saint Louis,  or Greater Arizona.
  • Geographical area from which members will be drawn.  Check our map (Chapter Directory) which outlines our regions and spots our chapter locations.  There can be only one chapter in a city, but there may be several chapters in a state.
  • Name of founder(s).
  • List of proposed members and their addresses.
  • Short biography of proposed members including education, professional background, classification (Art, Dance, Drama, Literature, Music, Musical Theater, Patron).
  • Contact the NSAL Second Vice President for approval to form a new chapter (see Contact Us link for a list of National Officers).  After approval is granted, several forms will need to be completed and submitted.  For each chapter member, an initiation fee ($45) and National dues ($40) must be sent to the National Treasurer.  Chapter bylaws will also need to be approved by the National Bylaws Chair. A generic bylaws sample will be supplied to help guide you through the process.
  • Finally, a National team will meet with your group for a Charter signing — and voilà — you’re on your way!

We are especially interested in locating new chapters in Dallas/Ft.Worth/Denton, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, central North Carolina, and the San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego areas in California.

We welcome your interest and will send you brochures and pamphlets to support your efforts in forming a new chapter of NSAL.