Executive Officers

National President:

Judy Park






First Vice President:
Anne Lauder


Second Vice President:
Margaret Johnson


Recording Secretary:
Kathy Fulstone


Judge Kathleen Anderson

National Director

Assistant Treasurer & Insignia Chair:
Carol Miller  cmiller@utep.edu

Honorary Members

Mrs. Michelle Obama
Mrs. Laura Bush
Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton
Mrs. Barbara Bush
Mrs. Rosalynn Carter


Standing Committee Chairs and Liaisons who serve on the National Board:

Bylaws/Policies and Procedures/Standing Rules

Sandy Charles, Chair

Elizabeth Branstetter  cmt.eab@sbcglobal.net
Alicia Klaffky  klaffkys@yahoo.com
Margie Melby  N/A
Mary Jo Melby  mjmelby@hotmail.com

Liaisons for Award Winners and Career Opportunities

Denna Shiben, Chair  lucienne@mindspring.com

Gail VanZanten  gailvz15@gmail.com

Marketing and Public Relations/Liaison for Advisory Board

Brian Edwards, Chair  Edwards@gulfstreamgoodwill.com

Judith (Judi) Asselta  judiasselta@gmail.com
Alyce Erickson alytara123@msn.com
Anne Lauder  alauder@tampabay.rr.com
Doni Lystra  donilystra@gmail.com


Anne White  annecwhite@cox.net

Strategic Planning

Fran Goldstein, Co-Chair  EFGOLD3@cox.net
Doni Lystra, Co-Chair  donilystra@gmail.com

Steve Crosby  crosbysr1r1@gmail.com
Brian Edwards  Edwards@gulfstreamgoodwill.com
Mary Ann Osborne  maosborne1554@suddenlink.net

Appointed Officers, Liaisons & Standing Committee Members who do not serve on the National Board:

Annual Session Coordinator

Barbara Branscum  BBranscum@aol.com


Violet Steinmeyer  vsteinmey@sbcglobal.net

High School Program

Alyce Erickson  alytara123@msn.com
Doni Lystra  donilystra@gmail.com


Sarah Moore  seomoore@yahoo.com

Investment Liaison

Chris Wittig  cwittig@cbiz.com

Liaisons for Contestants

Marion Michael, Chair  michael@indiana.edu
Mary Ann Osborne  maosborne1554@suddenlink.net

Liaison for Members at Large

Susan Stair Stevens  sstairstevens@bellsouth.net


Carey Wall, Chair  wall@mail.sdsu.edu

Violet Steinmeyer  vsteinmey@sbcglobal.net
Joy Thornton Walter  joytw@comcast.net

Membership Directory Editor

Nancy Morrow  morrow2@charter.net

Newsletter Editor

President Judy Park – periodic newsletters
The 2017 Call to Meeting Newsletter will be produced by the Florida East Coast Chapter
The 2018 Call to Meeting Newsletter production to be determined

The Annual Report Editor

Fran Goldstein  EFGOLD3@cox.net

The Annual Report Editor (Production)


The Record Editor (Content)

Carey Wall  wall@mail.sdsu.edu

The Record Editor (Production)


NSAL Trustees

Dorothy Lincoln-Smith, Chair  dlincolnsmith@cox.net
Ruth Albright, Recording Secretary  ruthalbright@yahoo.com
Doni Lystra, Treasurer  donilystra@gmail.com
Chris Wittig, Investment Liaison  cwitig@cbiz.com

Judy Park, National President  tlaloc31@comcast.net
Kathleen Anderson, National Treasurer  kathleencander@hotmail.com

Past National Presidents (Members of the Board of Trustees)

1990 – 1992   Mary Jane Cultra  onc1865@sbcglobal.net
2000-2002   Jeanne Tassé, Ph.D.  tassem@marietta.edu
2002-2004   Nancy Brockman  ntebrockman@earthlink.net
2004-2006   Barbara Branscum  BBranscum@aol.com
2006-2008   Ruth Albright  ruthalbright@yahoo.com
2008 -2010   Ramsay  Ram1say@aol.com
2010 – 2012   Doni Lystra  donilystra@gmail.com
2012 – 2014   Catriona Tudor Erler  Catriona@CatrionaTudorErler.com
2014 – 2016   Dorothy Lincoln-Smith  dlincolnsmith@cox.net

Winston Scholarship Committee (Members of the Board of Trustees)

Chris Cosdon  cosdonchris@hotmail.com
Carla Jones-Batka  carlahj@cox.net
Mary O’Reilly  maryeor@sbcglobal.net
Jean St. Germaine  stgermaj@mskcc.org

Nominating Committee (2018)

To be elected in 2017 Annual Meeting


Dennis Organ  organ@indiana.edu

Winston Scholarships Steering Committee

Chris Cosdon, Chair   Cosdonchris@hotmail.com

Ruth Albright  ruthalbright@yahoo.com
Nancy Brockman  ntebrocknam@earthlink.net
Rilke Foulke  rikke@paintingsconservator.com
Doni Lystra  donilystra@gmail.com
Judy Martorelli  smartorielly@verizon.net
Jeanne Tassé  tassem@marietta.edu
Mariana Theo  lucida@msn.com

Naomi Rabb Winston Scholarships in Two Dimensional Art

Chris Cosdon  CosdonChris@hotmail.com
Mary O’Reilly  maryeor@sbcglobal.net

Shirley Rabb Winston Scholarships in Voice

Carla Jones-Batka  carlahj@cox.net
Jean St. Germain  stgermaj@mskcc.org

Dorothy Lincoln-Smith Awards in Voice

Dorothy Lincoln-Smith, Chair  dlincolnsmith@cox.net

Arlyn Brewster  ambrewster@aol.com
Tom Jones  thoswjones44@gmail.com

National Career Awards Committees:

2017: DANCE—Classical Ballet

Career Awards Chair
Shari Upbin  shariupbin@gmail.com

Category Chair
Diana Freeman  freemanhome17@gmail.com
National Competition will be held in Boca Raton, FL.

2018: MUSIC—Woodwinds

Career Awards Chair
Stephen Pugh  spugh@whc.net

Category Committee
Linda McClain  LMcClain@whc.net
Susan Merritt Nelsen  susan.merritt@navy.mil
National Competition will be held in Chautauqua, NY.

2019: DRAMA

Career Awards Chair
Marion Michael  michael@indiana.edu

Category Chair
Judy Park  tlaloc31@comcast.net
National Competition will be held in Washington, D.C.